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Fi Pluslogistic Oy is committed to exemplary customer service standards in logistics

Our vision is to achieve highest quality standards possible. We have done good progress on that road by keeping in mind the promise:  "At the agreed time to keep your business on schedule."


Our Group companies provide terminal operations, scheduled distribution and transportation services, temperature controlled food transportation, bulk transportation for the food industry, transportation of recycled material and forest energy, and commercial truck maintenance and repair services.

Scheduled distributions


When there is a requirement for a regular scheduled distribution either to serve directly your business or your customer's business, we are there to do it at the agreed time to keep your business on schedule. Typical customers of scheduled distribution services include laundries, small breweries, bakeries, printing houses, industry, etc.


Temperature controlled transportation for food industry


We provide temperature controlled transportation services across a network of our customer's production sites, distribution centres, terminals and final destinations. Typical customers of temperature controlled transportation services include retail business and food industry. A growing focus group is SME's of the food industry.


Temperature controlled distribution services are typically used for transportation of dairy products, meat products and fish products from terminals and production sites to shops, schools and other public-sector destinations, restaurants, kiosks, etc.


Liquid, flour and powdered raw materials of dairy industries are transported by the bulk trucks, especially for long distances.


Terminal services


We offer temperature and humidity controlled terminal services for variety of industries. In addition, we provide forest energy terminal services.


Commercial truck maintenance, repair and wash services


We provide commercial truck maintenance, repair and wash services for other transportation companies to use. Our skilled staff carries out maintenance, tire repairs and truck repairs at our Iitti Kausala Finland workshop, or even on the road when there is a surprising and compelling situation to do so.


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